Contactless Delivery - Now Available

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Whenever possible, we encourage you to choose CONTACTLESS DELIVERY to reduce person to person interaction during deliveries.

After adding your favourite Pizzaville items to your cart, proceed to check-out and ADD CONTACTLESS DELIVERY to your cart.

For a completely CONTACTLESS DELIVERY, you must prepay with any major credit card by selecting PAY NOW.

Your order is cooked in our stone baked ovens at temperatures over 550°F.
It is removed from the oven with a pizza peel.

Placed in a new box and sealed immediately with no direct handling.

Our driver will deliver and place your order on your doorstep in a clear protective bag.

Our driver will stand back two meters and call the number on the receipt.

Our driver will remain on-site until the order is collected by you!

Friendly reminder: Ensure the phone number on your customer profile is reachable at time of delivery!


Why are you offering contactless delivery?

We are offering contactless delivery to allow for social/physical distancing and minimize person to person interaction between customer and driver.

Why do I have to PREPAY for contactless delivery?

When an order is prepaid, there is no interaction required between customer and driver to pay for the order at the time of delivery. 

In order to experience a completely contactless delivery, payment via our secure online payment gateway must be made at the time of order placement. 

How are menu items handled by in-store team members?

As per our usual high standards, all in-store team members are following rigorous food handling and personal hygiene practices, including thorough hand washing before preparing any food items.

All of our food items are baked at temperatures over 550°F. Panzerotti are deep fried at temperatures over 350°F.

Once a product is baked/deep fried, it is removed from the oven/fryer with a pizza peel/stainless steel basket and placed in a new box. There is no touching or direct handling of the cooked menu item. 

All boxes are closed and sealed immediately.

Why is a contactless delivery order delivered in a clear protective (plastic) bag?

As per government health & safety food handling practices, food packaging should never be placed directly on the ground. The water-tight plastic bag that your order is enclosed in, acts as a protective barrier to outdoor elements like debris, rain, and other bacteria.

Will the protective bag cause my order to be soggy?

It shouldn't. The protective bag is large enough to allow air pockets when closing the bag, allowing steam to be released. 

In the event your order is soggy, please contact customer care by dialing #3636 from your cell phone. 

Are the pizza boxes and protective bag safe?

Health Officials recommend that any items coming from outside your home (groceries, delivery packages, mail, and food packaging), should be wiped down and disinfected. 

We recommend the following, whenever possible:
  1. If you have had a contactless delivery, remove protective bag and dispose of it immediately in the garbage. 
  2. Slide your pizza/menu items from the box onto a clean plate. Breakdown and place the box into your recycling bin in your garage/outside your home or in a garbage room (inside condos/apartments). 
  3. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before enjoying your meal!

The protective (plastic) bag is environmentally unfriendly!

With the need to implement Contactless Delivery as quickly as possible for everyone's safety, we had to work fast to determine how to keep orders protected from outdoor elements when being placed on our customers' doorstep without shelter from snow, rain, or on surfaces free of debris. The water-tight bag that we were able to source immediately, was the best temporary solution. We are, however, looking for alternative protective packaging solutions that are more environmentally friendly.